First Light
Hall of Aurora‭, ‬‭ ‬with over 650 brands from all over the world, returns to put the spotlight on the top end of the lighting market, showcasing designer-driven, branded products. With the focus on quality in terms of materials, design and performance, this is the place to source innovative and imaginative lighting. ‬

名燈薈萃廊 匯聚超過650個品牌,今年載譽回歸,繼續聚焦於高檔市場,專門展示出自設計師手筆的品牌產品,為買家提供上佳平台,採購用料、設計和效能同樣出眾的創意燈飾。

List of Exhibitors by CompanyList of Exhibitors by Brand Name

Information subject to change as of 26 September 2017.

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